Can’t Finish What I Started

I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I’m a master of beginnings. As in, my MFA really stands for, “Master of First Attempts.” But middles? Ends? Yeah, not so much. Let’s just say if my hard drive is a vast desert, story beginnings bounce like tumbleweeds over the horizon. And there I am, dragging my parched, sunburned body along the sand, just trying to capture one of them — any of them — in my maniacal story web. How’s that for dramatic imagery?

Rather than attempting to give this post an end here, I’ll toss you over to Write By Night, who have been kind enough to publish my musings on the subject of beginnings that have no end. Here’s the article. Voila! Go forth! Complete something for once!

2 thoughts on “Can’t Finish What I Started

  1. I can’t write without an end in mind. But then when I get there, I end it too hard. Like I’m jumping up and down on the ending. Does that make sense? No subtle hand here. Anyway, I loved your article.

    • Thanks! Glad you enjoyed. And yes, that definitely makes sense. Sometimes I do that too. In fact, as the story goes on, that’s when I find myself walking a fine line between my analytical, English lit crit brain, which wants me to jump and scream, “Hey! This is the big theme! This is the moral!”, and my creative writer, which is all about show don’t tell. And, when I’m more subtle, I’m left wondering, is it as ambiguous to other people as it is to me? All of these things contribute to trouble settling on an ending!

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