Think you’re a coffee addict? I’ve got you beat.

Way back in ought seven, (was it really that long ago?), I got to do some pretty cool things. Like work in London, backpack around the world, and meet enough characters to fill the pages of my writing for the rest of my life.

But, perhaps more important than that, I started a minor global protest of a major coffee chain. And by that I mean, it was major to me and I was traveling around the globe at the time. All went well, until I met match. I won’t give the climax of the story away here, but let’s just say, “Baked goods” and leave it at that.

I’ve written about my (ridiculous) hero’s journey in this recent article: A Coffee Addict’s Tale of Woe. Read it, empathize, judge me, whatever, and know that when it comes to coffee. I. Don’t. Stand. Down.

(Until I do).

Friends and family to whom I sent regular emails about my travels, may recall this story. It’s not “Dishrack Girl,” but it’s pretty close. Thanks to Daily Shot of Coffee for the print!

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