The Three Stages of Reality Show Addiction

In certain circles of society, admitting that you watch reality shows is akin to saying casually, “My mind is a soft jelly – best served cold!”

On one level, I agree wholeheartedly with that statement. And yet, even though they’re vehicles for the worst human behavior, there’s something strangely addicting about reality shows, in all of their vapid, cheesy glory. Perhaps it’s the easy access to over the top drama, or the idea that we can all be Andy Warhol’s brand of famous one day, or maybe it’s just a good case of schadenfreude. Whatever it is, there’s a reason why the genre is so popular.

For me, though, I find I can only watch reality shows when I am in a very particular place in my life. I’ll go months without watching them, and then I’ll gorge myself until I’m sick. It is a quick but intense addiction cycle, that looks a little bit like this.

1. Stage 1- Catharsis2. Stage 2- Building Stress3. Stage 3- Avaricious Never Good Enough4. Stephen Enters the Scene5. Smash the Electronics6. Moral of the Story

4 thoughts on “The Three Stages of Reality Show Addiction

  1. Haha, Leah this is great! And sadly so true, especially the part where you said you’d go months without watching and then indulge too much and get sick…boy do I know that all too well…I’m on my detox now but am sure to return for more mind numbing overindulgence in the fall…. I love your site! keep up the great stuff =)

    • Thanks, Anne! I’m glad you like the site and that you can identify (though not that you suffer with the addiction as well). What’s your reality show drug of choice? Mine is Real Housewives when I’m really spiraling, HGTV shows when I am merely feeling covetous.

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