My marketing, non-fiction and paid for blogposts are available on my online portfolio.

My mad literature analysis for a pop audience skillz are on proud display over at

Yertle the Turtle

Bartholomew and the Oobleck

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

My fiction work has been featured by, on or at:

Halfway Down the Stairs: To the Bright Blue Skies and Away

InfectiveInkAnd How the Algae Twines!

Defenestration: Yuppie Throws Dinner Party Exclusively to Show Off New Purchases

Texas ObserverHonorable Mention for And How the Algae Twines!

Citizen Brooklyn: Bits of BlueGarbage Cans on the Streets of Suburbia

Black Heart MagazineThe Smell of Drought, Bulbs

Lorian Hemingway: Honorable Mention for And How the Algae Twines!

Arcadia University’s Marathon Literary Review:  The Freeways Between Us

Glimmertrain: To the Bright Blue Skies and Away, Top 25 finalist in the Glimmertrain November Short Story Contest

In the Snake: The Smell of Drought, Finalist in the Summer 2011 Elephant Prize for Short Fiction Contest

The Yellow Ham: Neighbor Purchases Boat for Exclusive Driveway Use, January, 2012

Structo Magazine: The Thief of Suburbia!  Listen to a recording of  the story here.

Five Things Reading Series: MICHAEL BAY in MICHAEL BAY

Matter Press: Compression Statement

Pindeldyboz: The Secret Society of Carpet Liers2010

Glimmer TrainTop 25 Winter 2010 Very Short Fiction Contest for The Secret Society of Carpet Liers 2010

Glimmer Train: Top 25 2009 Short Story Contest for And How the Algae Twines 2009

Best New American Voices AnthologyNominated for inclusion 2008

2 thoughts on “Publications

  1. Leah: I first encountered your writing on Yellow Ham (I am a fellow Yellow Hammer [Black Forest, no preservatives, sliced somewhere between I-can-see-your-fingers-when-you-hold-it-up and slightly-more-opaque-than-Henry-James’s-prose]). I think your writing is funny and look forward to reading more of it. Chance Dagger is a pseudonym I use for my more offensive stuff. Otherwise, I’m known as Bill Prindle.

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